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Here's what others have to say
about working with Kari Fillmore!

Kari Fillmore is without question one of the most competent, caring, and creative care managers I have had the pleasure to work with.  She treats her clients as individuals and will go above and beyond to ensure they are taken care of with professionalism and compassion.

Brook Brestel, Attorney


As I start to put words on paper about Kari Fillmore – so many things come to mind all at once . Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of my Father’s passing – and while I am still adjusting to a world without him, I can tell you that having Kari be a part of his last years was one of the best things that could have happened to him and to me .  My Dad remarried very late in life – not only did he marry his high school sweetheart, but he also married into family drama on many levels. Living across country made me feel  concerned and  frustrated that no one was focusing on my Dad and what he needed to thrive.

Finding Kari was the exact right thing at the exact right time – not only was she Dad’s advocate , she became his true friend and confidant.  My Dad came to love her – and so did I . I knew she was there to help me take care of and protect my Father from so far away.  She helped me stay strong for him- what more could someone wish for?  There is professionalism and strength on every level – but there is a warmth, kindness and humor that makes everything better .

Susan Pavlinski

Milton, DE


As an advocate for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, my first and foremost responsibility is to ensure that people have the same rights and responsibilities that we all do.  People have the right to make decisions until they can’t anymore, and they have the right to live in the least restrictive environment.   Kari Fillmore stepped in when it was needed and does a great job of making sure the person still has a voice in what happens while making sure all of the health and safety needs are addressed.  Thank you!

Kari E., Non-attorney Advocate with the Arc of Adams County

Denver, CO


It is impossible to express how grateful I am for the care services Kari provides for my family member, John.  Since I live quite a distance from Denver, it is reassuring to know that Kari is on site.  She has wonderful rapport with John, and a good understanding of how to be patient and caring, yet firm when necessary.  She is always accessible when I have questions or concerns.  Thank you, Kari, you're the best!

Nancy W.